What is the EURIKHA project?

EURIKHA is a global, user-controlled research project looking at the emergence of social movements which privilege the rights and perspectives of people who experience severe mental distress, variedly known around the world as users, survivors, consumers, clients, patients, people with psychosocial disabilities, etc.

What we understand as ‘madness’ or ‘mental ill-health’ is usually defined by authority figures such as doctors, psychiatrists/psychologists, priests, lawyers, and governments. These movements, however, have challenged traditional understandings of ‘madness’ and created new knowledge from their own perspectives. This knowledge has been produced through research, rights-based community organising, advocacy, self-help, the arts, and so on.

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Our findings

We want our research to have real-world impact for users, survivors, and people with psychosocial disabilities. Distributing our research to the people who matter is important to us, and that includes you.

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