Archival research

Archives we will visit and create

EURIKHA will be visiting some key survivor archives including (but not limited to):

  • Oor Mad History (Scotland)
  • Judi Chamberlain’s Papers (USA)
  • Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto (Canada)
  • BAPU Trust (India)
  • Survivors’ History Group (England)

We will search through these archives for key materials and documents (including photos, banners, flyers etc.) which show the work of users/survivors and persons with psychosocial disabilities from the grassroots level.

This information will be used to enrich the interviews we collect and provide surrounding contextual information to inform and enlighten our work. These materials will also be analysed using Critical Discourse Analysis.

Additionally, the Still We Rise project will take on the task of creating an archive of the work done by African, African Caribbean, and Asian users and survivors in the UK, given that existing archives have limited material relating to this history. This work will involve the identification, compilation, and analysis of archival material (e.g., media reports, parliamentary documents, campaign materials, organisational papers, photographs, and other memorabilia) and published material (including publications both in academic and non-academic forums).