How we will let people know what we have discovered

We will post our work as it develops on this website. We hope this will enable discussion amongst our readership, to keep our work informed by, and grounded in, the real experiences of those affected by it.

We will be holding two conferences, the first will combine information about our work with the opportunity to shape it. We will write a book (maybe two). We will write academic papers but also papers and blogs in outlets that are open to people who do not have, nor want to read, academic material.

We will also write reports for policy makers, internationally (for example for the World Health Organisation and parts of the United Nations), but also for policy makers who can influence individual countries, regions, or continents.

We expect to amass considerable new knowledge that has the potential to change things for users, survivors, and persons with psychosocial disabilities. We can make things happen on our own but also need the ear of influential policy making bodies.