Forum guidelines

Posting Guidelines for Discussion on EURIKHA

We want to connect people with an interest in, or actively working as service users, survivors, and persons with psychosocial disabilities creating new knowledge, ways of thinking, new or previously not publicised forms of supports and developing organisations around the world. What happened in the past, a legacy, is important too.

We want our research to resonate with our global communities of users, survivors, and persons with psychosocial disabilities. As part of that we aim to provide a space for discussion between diverse groups of people on topics relevant for all of us. (Read how your posts to this forum will be used by EURIKHA in our Privacy Policy).

In doing this, we need to ensure this space is safe for all our contributors. Our ability to succeed in our goal requires your involvement and your protection. In this spirit, we ask you to consider the following principles before posting:

  • Honestly articulate your opinions and experiences. Your unique perspective is a welcome contribution to the issues discussed on the site.
  • Honour differing viewpoints. This website intentionally brings together individuals with varying backgrounds and values, and from different cultural contexts. We believe civil, inclusive and peaceful dialogue to be crucial to finding solutions.
  •  Keep comments civil. Please do not post personal attacks, threats, sarcasm, spamming, misrepresentations of oneself or others, illegal material, profanity, hate speech, comments about a person’s character, discrimination based on a person’s identity, background or occupation, and calls for violence against any people. Please respond to and criticize ideas, not character.
  • We consider all involved to be equal in status and authority. We disagree with the power dynamics of helper and helped, professional and patient, and so forth. On our site, people from all sorts of backgrounds participate in candid, open dialogue. In this spirit, we address one another as equals and aim to overcome the assumptions and prejudices that we might have developed in our everyday roles.
  • We are a shame-free zone. Language that shames, dismisses, taunts, baits, excludes, or otherwise diminishes another person is not allowed on EURIKHA. Comments containing such language will be removed, and people who cross this line will be put on moderation.
  • We are a certainty-free zone. Benefit of the doubt will be given in all cases. We ask commenters to refrain from assuming anything about another person’s position. Errors of omission or misuse of terms are always assumed to be made in good faith. We ask you not to represent and attack an argument that is not explicitly made by the person they are responding to. When in doubt, ask the other person an open-ended question rather than declaring you know their truth.
  • We are an oppression-free zone. Comments that are racist, casteist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive are not allowed on EURIKHA and will be subject to moderation. Please refrain from posting statements that attack or assume things about a person based on a label they carry.
  • Keep your comments specific to the discussion. Off-topic comments derail the discussion and may be removed. If you want, you can initiate a new discussion and start a different thread.
  • Protect your privacy. Do not post any personal identifying information, either your own or anyone else’s.
  • Register your account with a valid email address. Email is how the moderator will get in touch with you if there are any issues with your comments. If it’s impossible to contact you, you will not be able to continue posting on the site.

Our moderation policy

  • We retain the right to moderate and, if necessary, remove any posts that violate these guidelines. We will strive to moderate comments as quickly as possible. This website is one part of our larger EURIKHA project and so sometimes it may take a little longer.
  • Individual users who repeatedly post inappropriate comments may then be placed on ‘pre-emptive moderation’, meaning we will review comments from that person before they are posted. We strive to be as consistent as possible in this while acknowledging that all moderation decisions are subjective.

What should I do if my comment was moderated?

We encourage you to resubmit your comment without the personal attacks or misrepresentations that caused it to raise concern. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss why your comment was considered an attack, misrepresentation, off-topic, or otherwise uncivil. 

Why do you moderate posting this way? Shouldn’t everyone’s voice be heard freely?

We want EURIKHA to be a safe and peaceful space for discussion and dialogue. We believe that a public space that allows abusive, disrespectful, or off-topic comments shuts down conversation and benefits very few people. People can get hurt or are discouraged from participating in such an environment, and the conversation becomes dominated by the ‘loudest’ voices. This kind of abusive environment mirrors and perpetuates the very problems we would like to address.

What if I have things to say about EURIKHA staff or this policy?

Please submit feedback to us directly via the contact page

Thank you for working with us to make EURIKHA a vibrant and welcoming space for this important dialogue.

Adapted from Mad in Asia and Mad in America guidelines with permission from the editors.