EURIKHA will be hosting several events in the coming months and years, including seminars and conferences. These will be accessible and interactive for service users, survivors, and persons with psychosocial disabilities. We hope that these events can enable input from those affected by our research, which will help us to ensure it remains grounded and relevant.

Dragon Café Seminar

We are pleased to announce our first public event will be taking place on: 21st May 6.45-8.15pm at the Dragon Café

Address: Crypt of St George the Martyr Church, Borough High St, SE1 1JA, opposite Borough tube station.

Event Description

For decades, mental health service-users, survivors, and persons with psycho-social disabilities have been creating new knowledges through user-led research, rights-based activism, community organising, advocacy, self-help, the arts, and so on. We, at EURIKHA, want to map the history, current work, and impact of these knowledges and movements across the globe. A sub-project, Still We Rise, will focus specifically on the work and contributions of African, African Caribbean, and Asian service users in the UK. We want this project to be inclusive and resonate with our user/survivor communities, and this event at the Dragon Café (as part of other events in the future) is an opportunity for us to hear your voices.

Seminar Sign-up

Please let us know how likely you are to attend our seminar to learn more about the EURIKHA project, and our subproject: Still We Rise, which will be focusing specifically on the history of African, African Caribbean and Asian users and survivors in the UK.
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